I don’t think there has ever been anything as contrived, stupid or obviously blatant political as this nonsense the media is trying to pass off as a “major issue” as the “new” same-sex marriage announcement made by the President this week.

First, back in the late 90’s the President supported same-sex marriage.  It might not have been the reason he lost the election, but obviously was enough of a concern to him to change his stance.  So this evolving, talking it over with his wife, his “friends” being in certain situations has brought him to this change is utter horse manure.  Obama was in favor of gay marriage before he was against gay marriage before he was again in support of gay marriage.

And if you think that Biden’s “support” for gay marriage was a surprise on Sunday to this Administration, you’ve got a case of stupid that can’t be fixed.  First of all they taped the “interview” on Friday.  So even IF Biden’s case of the runs of the mouth wasn’t what the WH wanted or needed, you can bet your paycheck that 10 minutes after Biden left the room the “war room” was working on what the President was going say in response.

What this nonsense is, a complete waste of time and distraction from the real issues that hound this Country.  It deflects the flawed and failed policies of the Administration and worse of all, merely is a ploy to raise money from the Hollywood liberals and yet another minority of the American voters.  This is how Obama thinks he will win the election, by playing politics and making promises to enough minorities to garner a majority of votes.  NOT by fixing problems, NOT by running on his record, but by making up fake issues, to attempt to polarize a bunch of small groups against the GOP.

In short, the only thing brave about this move is the cost of North Carolina in the election.  Even if it goes against the ideals of the black voters, they are still going to vote for Obama.  Doesn’t even matter to them that he has harmed them almost worse than any other single minority group, he is still one of them, (or so they think).  He was going to lose N.C. anyway and I’m sure his team was pretty sure of that before this “bold move” was made.

Most know I’m not a big Romney supporter, but even I have to draw a line when you start making up stories that go back to High School years.  WTF does something that long ago have to do with anything?  And please don’t try to tell me that it is coincidence that this “story” breaks the same week as Obama’s “bold move”.  I mean does the left really believe the people are THAT stupid?  That is, of course, a rhetorical question.  Of course they do.

Romney started to run for President last election and they just now find this so-called story?  Damn, no wonder they haven’t even turned up a single person that even knew Obama when he was in High School that didn’t like him.  I guess those stories will turn up after the election results.  Sort of like the Monica story did with Clinton, even though the WoPo had the facts a month before the election.

But,no bias here.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


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