On The Other Hand


Some things in politics just make me smile and laugh.  Take former President Clinton and Mayor Booker who both said something that the Administration disliked, (mostly because it was true and was off message from the lies they are trying to sell), and within hours ran away from their statements.  I didn’t say walked back, they ran from them.  Perhaps it’s just me, but if the Administration is that concerned about things like this, maybe they should not have outsiders talking for them.

By far the funniest was President Clinton’s.  After saying that President Obama should allow the so-called Bush Tax Cuts to be extended for another year.  His walk back, oh, I’m sorry I thought that something needed to be done this year.  We can wait until after the election and do it next year and do it Obama’s way.  it almost hurts just thinking just how stupid that explanation is.

First, every day we don’t pay down the debt it cost millions upon millions of dollars.  Second waiting to solve the problem really can’t wait, not for just that one reason but because evidence shows that when “we” kick the can down the road, we don’t do anything to solve the problem.  Of course increasing taxes on anyone will only further impede what little recovery we have.  In fact that plan will do nothing to fix the debt and in all likelihood cause an increase of the debt.

Poor Mayor Booker, once a rising star in his party is now “dead” to the Administration.  He will remain a spokesperson for the Administration in a blind adherence to party loyalty, but it will gain him nothing.  Perhaps it will not hurt him in his home state of NJ, his is very popular and even gets along with Gov. Christie, but he is not getting a seat at Obama’s table if there is another term.

Must be horrible to be part of a party that is run by a guy who is so thin-skinned that you aren’t allowed to have a difference of opinion with him.  I have to say that if I were an ex-President, I would have told the current President to pound sand.

But you have to wonder who makes the President walk back?  This is from the other day; Obama said Friday morning that the private sector is “doing fine” and that the GOP Congress is slowing down the economy.  Followed quickly with this retraction; it is “absolutely clear” that the U.S. economy is “not doing fine.”


Obama is like an Italian with his thumbs tied together.  If an Italian can’t talk with his hands flailing about he stutters.  Take away Obama’s teleprompter and he sounds dumber than Bush ever did.




To top it all off who gets the blame?  Well at first it was the GOP controlled House, when in fact the House has sent some 30 bills to the Senate to attempt to jump-start the economy and help create jobs.  They remain sitting on Harry Reid’s desk collecting dust.  Then the President blamed State and Local governments for not hiring more public workers.  Check please!!!  Isn’t part of the problem with State’s budgets and economies having to pay outrageous retirement packages?  So the answer to saving us all is put each State in an even more unsustainable position?

Talk about someone who is in over his head.  Someone that is so overmatched by the demands of his job he can’t even keep his own agenda straight.  It staggers the mind to think the President has an approval rating in positive numbers.

I hear pundits say it’s because he is personally liked.  I don’t get that, I don’t find him at all likable as I did say Reagan, Clinton or W Bush.  It’s not his policies alone, he just comes across to me as a pompous arse.  Someone that has less work experience than I do, yet feels qualified to tell me how to live my life and do my job.

You can’t say this emperor has no clothes, it’s more like the clothes have no emperor.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


3 Responses to “On The Other Hand”

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  2. Frank C Says:

    Great piece Chas. The big thing is that if you don’t spew the party poop, they don’t want you around.
    Clinton rarely “misspeaks.” He is to good a politician for that. That was deliberate.
    Obama’s gaff was a “Joe Biden Moment.” He said what he said before he realized haw far in his mouth he put his foot.

    • chas Says:

      Both feet, but I don’t think it was a gaff. I believe that he thinks this is pretty much the way it is supposed to be, except that the wealthy aren’t giving the masses enough of their earnings to get him reelected.


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