On The Road


I can’t write now on the Supreme misreading of the Constitution by SCOTUS for 2 reasons;  1.  I am on the road, (train actually), to visit with my friends at Fox News in NYC.  2.  I’m too damn pissed off of this BULLSHIT ruling by the Court.

I will try to write while on the train, but I will say this much, I have to accept this ruling, but I damn sure am never going to like it.  It just may be time to “water the roots of Liberty” as Jefferson put it.  What this ruling says is that the Constitution no longer has a limiting role against the power of Government so long as it can put the word commerce in the law as they ram it down out collective throats.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


One Response to “On The Road”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I could not agree with you more.

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