Another Visit to Fox Part 2


Day 2 started out just fine, they were ready for me this time around so it only took a minute or so to pick me up at the desk.  Once inside Studio E I was greeted by the floor manager Dave P. who oddly enough remembered me from 2 years ago.  Greetings were exchanged from Dave Briggs, Aly and Mike Jerrick during a break.  Here are some pictures of that day:

Huckabee after his segment.

I was able to meet with the Gov for a short time prior to his going on air.  I told him that my wife was a fan of his.  After the segment Ms Aly asked the Gov if he had the chance to meet her friend chas.  He responded that he had and found me to be a great guy mostly because I was smart enough to marry a woman who thought so highly of him.  😉

Following the social media.
Setting up yet another food segment for Dave.
Of course we also have to grill.
Garlic shrimp for breakfast.

Dave has some kind of stomach.  For breakfast that morning he had Pizza, garlic shrimp, cold fried chicken, a salad and some meat off the grill.

I bought Ms Aly her favorite breakfast, chocolate.

It was also a great time meeting Mike Jerrick, in fact I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take any pictures with him or of him.  We had planned to have a couple of beers together, however a friend’s son was in a car wreck and got banged up pretty good so he had to run off and visit.  I’m glad that all worked out for the young man.  Between Twitter and talking in person I find Mike to be a great guy and hope that some time in the future, perhaps in Philly we could get together.

Dave of course always makes you feel welcome.  In fact during the concert Dave and Aly were walking out from behind the stage area and he spotted me we exchanged nods and he told Aly I was there.  With a plate full of cookies in hand she came bouncing around the monitor and welcomed me.  And as I said Dave always is there with a smile and a firm handshake.  Always a pleasure to meet with Dave.

Aly doesn’t get off the couch as much as she use to.  We did get to talk a bit in-between segments.  She asked about the old blog people and how they were doing.  She also asked about some of our shared Twitter friends.  I passed on some greetings from people who had asked me to do so.  I am often surprised at just how much Aly remembers.  She asked about my trip to Phoenix, asked about my trip there and what I did while in NYC.

She remembered all that while she was in the process of moving herself to the burbs.  She topped off the entire even with an e-mail saying that it was wonderful to see me again.

So in closing let me say that once again the crew and host of Fox & Friends made just a simple guy from MD visiting feel like a special guest.  Mr Peter Johnson, JR was amazing and so gracious, talking about how much he enjoyed seeing my tweets.  After the meeting we’ve increased our tweets to each other.  If you read this Mr Johnson, I was honored to meet you.

Mr. Mike Jerrick was also great in our meeting.  I found Mike outside the side door of the Greenroom area reading his iPhone.  I walked up to him and said “Mike?”.  Oddly enough Mike looked up in just a second knew just who I was.  I found that rather amazing.  So I  thank you Mike and if you read this, your kindness will not be forgotten and I hope we will get that beer together one day if not in NYC perhaps on my next Philly trip.

Happy Birthday America!!!!  Remember we fought for independence to fight unfair and high taxes and now comes Obamacare.  Enjoy your day of Freedom and fight to continue to maintain it.



12 Responses to “Another Visit to Fox Part 2”

  1. Rangler Says:

    Your’s is the inetglilent approach to this issue.

  2. gwenfl Says:

    I’m so happy you had a good time. Has it been 2 years? Seems like yesterday.

    • chas Says:

      It was indeed 2 long years. Although it doesn’t really seem quite that long to me either. A comment from Ms Aly herself, now that is something in its self. 😉


  3. @alisyncamerota Says:

    Chas!! It was wonderful to see you here. Since you’re our “virtual” friend, it’s always funny to see your real smiling face peeking out of the crowd. Nice to have you in studio, particularly when you’re carrying breakfast chocolate!

    • chas Says:

      Ms Aly, It is always a delight to visit and it is because the cast & crew, especially you, make me feel so welcome. Thank you so much for that and thank you for giving me that opportunity. You are the BEST!!!


  4. Liz K Says:

    Happy for you that you got to do this again. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. Stephanie "B" Says:

    What an awesome time – great pics! So glad you had fun….

  6. Jeff Says:

    Looks like a wonderfully fun, exciting, adventurous, and most gratifying trip. Love the pics and post.

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