Another Visit to Fox Part 1


I was once again allowed to visit the Fox News Network to watch the Summer Concert the weekend of the 29th and 30th of June.  Thanks to my good friend AJ Hall who made the visit not only enjoyable visit but an exciting one.    Pat Benatar was the featured artist.  Now by the time she was rocking the scene I was listening more and more to Country music, but mostly working on my own music so I didn’t listen to much of anything that was going on.

We had a shaky start when a thunderstorm rolled in.  As busy as AJ was he grabbed me and moved me to the entrance and got me signed in so I could wait out the storm.  I have to give the man credit, he has a mass of responsibility and the rain wasn’t helping in the least.  In steps Ms Gina, who became my guide to make sure there wasn’t anything I was lacking.  Thank you Ms Gina!

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are some from the event.

The crowd begins to grow.

Dave Briggs rocking it

Janice Dean multi-tasking, rocking and texting.

Old friend, (Janice Dean) and a new one, (Peter Johnson Jr.).

Of course while there you get up close to different people:


Peter insisted that his daughter take 2 pictures of us, one for him and one for me. A wonderful conversation was had. I was most impressed.

Then there is my favorite picture of the day, which took place after the concert back inside of the studio.  I managed to catch up to Ms Gretchen in the hallway and she stopped what she was doing to take the time to talk to me.  Then she said we had to get a picture and began trying to find someone to use my camera to take this picture:

Ms. Gretchen & chas

Let’s not leave out Mr Steve Doocy, who upon seeing me for the first time, with a huge smile, stuck out his hand and said; “I know you!!”  “You’re chas, so good to meet you finally”.  His time was also short, my ability to get over his knowing who I was left my camera hanging from my neck, unused.  At the end of the concert Steve was holding the door, we shook hands again and he talked about how good it was to have me come up from MD to visit and hoped I had an enjoyable time there.  So I ended up, mouth agape, my camera unused around my neck.  Sorry Steve, I would have really liked to have a picture of us together.

See Part 2



4 Responses to “Another Visit to Fox Part 1”

  1. gwenfl Says:

    So happy you had a great time. Though I’m a little jealous. I love Pat Benatar.

    • chas Says:

      Benatar was good, but to be honest I have more of a thrill being with the cast and crew of F&F.


  2. Frank C Says:

    Great post and fantastic pictures.

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