History IS Important


Seems to me there is a bit of dishonesty going on here with the President and his continued call of class warfare and more taxing of the rich.  He compares himself to former President Bill Clinton saying that this would ONLY be a return to the same tax rate, that under his leadership was a great decade of prosperity.

First thing is that the economy was in pretty good shape when Clinton took over.  Although Bush the elder lost the election on the fact that the economy that had some of the most massive gains in history under President Reagan, had a correction and lost a bit of ground.  This correction was over before Clinton took office.  The second point one should remember is that the tax increase took place in 1993.  It was so well received that the GOP had the largest take over or gain in the House in history.  From that point on, the Contract with America started and though the President gets most of the credit, the only credit he should actually get is signing the bills that the House sends him.

So let’s remember that the GOP fell into the Democrats style of retaining power, lost their way, by trying to buy votes by giving “stuff” and were supported by the President, Bush the younger.  Since it seems that half the Country is now the victimized, entitled and depended class of America, instead of self-reliant individuals that the Founders thought we should be says a lot of where we have come to and how wrong our thinking has gone.

So in 2008 they got the boot and on President Obama’s coattails took control of all three Power positions in DC, just to lose it a mere 2 years later.  By The Way, that was caused in no small part by the less than 10 vote “Huge Majority” that passed Obamacare.  The “Do Nothing” Congress that this Administration often talks about is the Senate and Senate Leader harry Reid letting all bills passed by the House, by much larger margins than the Obamacare Bill passed, sit on his desk.

Make no mistake however, the mess we are in is and was caused by BOTH parties.  But the reason history is important is because if you don’t know things like this.  If you don’t know that FDR radically changed what the powers of the Federal Government is, you accept this garbage as the way government is supposed to work here.  It was never meant to be.  The most basic principle of this Country is individuals do best when unencumbered by Government.  Fifty percent of us do NOT work our arse off so you don’t have to.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


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