Lies, Politics and Even More Lies


Talk about redundant.  Using lies, politics and more lies in the title, I could have just said more lies.  I like longer titles so I didn’t.  😉

Often in politics telling a lie is simply blow off as stating a different point of view.  Or as a different interpretation of numbers or facts.  It’s simply a lie and for some stupid reason we allow politicians to do this and openly lie to us with little thought as to why.

Let’s look at a couple that have hit the air waves of recent that the Democrats have aired that sort of burn my shorts so to speak.

My economic plan is working” so says President Obama.  Although it was reported that 168,000 new jobs were created last week, (every week a number is given and it always gets revised to a lower number the following week, it just isn’t reported), there were 155,000 people who left the search for a job or whose benefits ran out.  Unemployment went up to 8.3%, (The White House claims it is really 8.254% but when you average you have to take the good with the bad).  So this is either a blatant lie or we are in real trouble if the President thinks this is what passes for working.

I mean for God’s sake we’ve dropped another $5 Trillion deeper in debt and are no better off than we were.  Please spare me the “it would have been much worse” garbage.  That’s about as provable as the so-called Clinton Surplus.  But we’ll talk more about that shortly.

Mitt Romney hasn’t paid any taxes in 10 years” so claims Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, without a shred of proof I might add.  That he is protected making this unsupported statement in the well of the Senate without concern of slander charges filed against him shouldn’t prevent the Senate from taking actions him.  Reid should be forced to present evidence for his charges or be forced out of his leadership position.  Of course having no class or honor the Senate will do nothing to him.

If I were Romney I would respond by saying “I am willing to release all the tax returns the IRS requires me to keep for record”.  That is 3 years BTW, and will release them as soon as the President releases his College applications and his College Transcripts.

You didn’t build that” so says the President.  According to the President you couldn’t have been successful without the Federal Highway system and bridges  and the like.  One wonders how anyone was successful prior to Eisenhower.  But the fact is that people did get rich before that and the highway system had nothing to do with it.  Oh, BTW Mr President, guess who pays the most money into the suck tax system to build those roads?  That’s right the businesses you are claiming to have helped build.

Point of fact, the only businesses I’ve seen you and your Administration have a hand in “helping” have been failures.  GM isn’t ever going to pay us back, Your green projects have gone under and that money is also lost.  I have a thought, please stop “helping” and let them work it out for themselves.

The rich keep getting richer” we all hear this all the time.  According to the CBO shows that between 2007 and 2009 the vilified top 1% income fell by 36%.  Those nasty 1%er’s while certainly didn’t suffer, but they certainly didn’t get richer.  The CBO used IRS statistics on the individuals instead of a big picture view and as such is a much more accurate view.

Then there is the “poor“.  Most of the “poor” in this Country have a better standard of living than a majority of people living in just about any other Country.  We give far too much to far too many from far too few.  Somehow that is considered “FAIR” .  It isn’t.  The Founders would have called it theft.

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“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


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