Spin, Spun and Done


I just hate all the nonsense floating around passing as “evidence” to vote for one guy or another.  The problems this Country face isn’t going to be solved by a single person, even the “President”.  That is not where the power is, nor should it be.

The real problems we face is allowing politicians to make policy that are not in any real sense permitted by the Constitution, regardless of what the SCOTUS says or rules.

Here, let me end this whole healthcare debate right here and now.  While the Federal Government does have certain powers under the Constitution to Tax and control commerce, it is utmost foolishness to think that allows the Federal Government to expand that power into circumstances that are not explicitly granted by the Constitution.

In short, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows the Federal Government to have a hand in Health Care.  None,Nada, Zilch to do with it.  You can’t cold turkey it out of being, but you can start to wind it down.  I know it sounds cold, but it’s not, it is not the Government’s job to provide health insurance and the attempt to abide by popular ideology of low taxes and small Government simply does not meld with the socialist programs.

The very same thing can be said for Social Security.  Like Obamacare it was presented to the people as one thing and argued in Court as something else.   The one thing Social Security and Obamacare have in common is that the Court allowed the Government to pass it off as a general taxing power even though there is nothing in the Constitution that gives these types of powers to the Government.

There is a fix to that of course, and that is put forth a Constitutional Amendment granting the Federal Government the power to run a Retirement Program and fund it through increased taxes to keep it afloat.  That also applies to Obamacare.  Send out a Constitutional Amendment to grant the Federal Government the power to provide the population with health coverage and tax the people for the use of that system.  Make both a Right under the Bill of Rights In the Constitution.

If the people and the States agree that this is something they want, then no problem, there is no argument left for political use.  All that is left is the argument of the cost, (which would be enormous).


“The problem with voting for the lesser of two evils is, in the end you are still voting for evil”




9 Responses to “Spin, Spun and Done”

  1. UnaffiliatedIndie Says:

    As for the venerable Mr. Benjamin Franklin, although as a general rule, he believed the poor were more likely to rise out of poverty without benefit of welfare, and to be far better motivated to find work if unassisted, this strict impulse did NOT extend to his conclusions on health care.

    A surgeon in 1751, his friend Dr. Thomas Bond, convinced Ben Franklin to champion a progressive cause: the building of a public hospital.  Through his hard work and political ingenuity, Franklin brought the skeptical legislature to the table, bargaining his way to use public money to build what would become Pennsylvania Hospital.

    “Franklin proposed an institution that would provide — ‘free of charge’ — the finest health care to everybody, ‘whether inhabitants of the province or strangers,’ even to the ‘poor diseased foreigners”‘ (referring to the immigrants of German stock that the colonials tended to disparage and discriminate).

    Countering the Assembly’s insistence that the hospital be built only with private donations, Franklin said:

    “That won’t work, it will never be enough, good health care costs a lot of money, remembering ‘the distant parts of this province’ in which ‘assistance cannot be procured, but at an expense that neither [the sick-poor] nor their townships can afford.’ … [This] seems essential to the true spirit of Christianity, and should be extended to all in general, whether deserving or undeserving, as far as our power reaches.”

    Franklin further wrote,
    “[T]he good [that] particular men may do separately, in relieving the sick, is small, compared with what they may do collectively.”  

    Sources: As quoted in the article “American Rage” by John Jeremiah Sullivan in GQ Magazine -and- ‘Appeal for the Hospital’ Benjamin Franklin, The Pennsylvania Gazette on August 8, 1751 (and subsequent articles by Franklin in support of that proposal)

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  3. Frank C Says:

    Chas, very well said. Ands include in that ammendment that they cannot exempt themselves from those two items.

    • chas Says:

      One of the first things I would love to see accomplished is to pass a law the restricts Congress from exempting them selves from any law passed.


  4. Eileen Says:

    As Dave Ramsey says “clowns to the left and jokers to the right”

  5. Jeff Says:

    Once again. Well said Chas.

  6. chas Says:

    Peter Johnson Jr ‏@peterjohnsonjr

    @chasemberger very thoughtful and pure constitutional approach!

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