By The Numbers


Seems to me that there is something seriously wrong with either the approval ratings the President has, or the people who are taking the polls or the people who are answering the question.  In the interest of being fair, I am going to round-up the Presidents number, just so it brings into a more realistic view.

The President at present, according to Real Clear Politics, has an approval rating of 48%.  Let’s look at the other numbers that should affect that rating.

When the President took Office the unemployment rate was 7.8%.  Granted that it reached 10%, but after a Trillion dollars spent, is 8.3% today.  One can’t argue that it would be worse if that Trillion hadn’t been spent it would be even worse, (though backers are saying that), because that is trying to prove a negative.  You can’t, you can only prove facts and the facts are that over 23 million people are not working or are under employed.  You can claim that you created over 4 million jobs, but facts are that there are hundreds of thousands fewer jobs available and that is another reason that the unemployment rate is only at 8.3%.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%.

Income is down since this President has taken office.  In Jan ’09 median income was $54,000 and today it is $50,000.  The real reason for this of course is the obvious result of having, in real numbers, 15% of the population needing work and business having to be able to offer less and people willing to take less in order to bring something in to keep some standard of living.  This doesn’t make business evil, it just shows that business is out to make money and that is the reason they are in business.  When unemployment was under 5%, back in the Bush days, even McD’s was paying $10 an hour to get people to take a job there.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%

Gas is now, as of this writing, $3.78 on National average.  (On a side note when gas went over $2.50 the media went wild when Bush was President.  Today nary a word).  When the President took Office gas was $1.84 a gallon.  It cost me $30 to fill my tank and that lasted my about 10 days of going back and forth to work.  The other day it cost me $57 for a commute that hasn’t changed.  Think that might affect my ability to contribute to the economy?

But the President’s approval rating is 48%

The debt was $10.6 Trillion when the President took Office.  While the DNC Convention is in session the National debt will pass the $17 Trillion mark.  I’d bet that nary a mention will e made about that.  The President can make all the claims he wants about how much was already in the budget before he took office, but reality is that you can’t have complete control of both Houses of Congress for two years and the White House and place all the blame on the other party.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%


For reason’s that escape me, I forced myself to listen to David Axelgrease today on Fox News Sunday.  I’ve tried to capture his quotes as closely as I could, and in cases I missed, the intent is there.  So let me lay out his quotes and give a quick answer, (Lord I wish I could sit down with him on camera one on one).

David:  “We don’t have the problems the other party has, we’re not divided”.

Me:  Uh, pardon me sir for parting this out, but your President has had 2 budgets go though the Senate without a SINGLE vote in approval.

David:  “We are a united Party”.

Me:  I guess that would explain why you had to cornhole the American people with Obamacare in the dead of the night and can’t get a budget through the Senate?

When asked about if we are better off now than we were 4 years ago;

David:  “We are in a better position than we were 4 years ago“.

Me:  Really?  Did you read the numbers above?  Or do you just ignore that?  Please hold a town hall meeting and tell that to 23 million people.  Hey guys, you are in a better position than you were 4 years ago when you actually HAD a job.  Good luck with that.

When asked about the Convention and what will be presented:

David:  “We will hear about a clear agenda for the future”.  AND “All the analyst say we need a short-term plan and a long-term plan”.

Me:  Considering it hasn’t been obvious that there has been a plan for the last 4 years why should we believe that he has one now?  Or if the President has claimed in the last month is true that his “plan is working”, you have to wonder what the plan was, given the numbers above.

David:  “Clearly, you should go for the person with a plausible plan“.

Me:  Given what’s happened over the last 4 years not a bad idea.  But of course that means we have to not vote for the present President.

Lastly; David:  “We agree with Simpson/Bowles“.

Me:  Well that surely explains why the President ran from it as fast as he runs from Tax Cuts and slowing spending increases.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


5 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. The Hoosier Security Militiaman Says:

    I spent seven days of my time doing an exhaustive poll on yahoos comments the week before the election. The pro-obama comments were averaged out on 10 of the top political news stories on 7 consecutive days. The same for pro-romney comments. I was sure that the Romney/Ryan ticket was in for a landslide victory. The average for the pro-obama comments was 11 % on all 10 top stories/articles. The average pro-romney was 89 % . Neutral comments were not counted . As a result of my polling efforts I have decided that the election was a farce. A media show to make the sheeples think they actually had a fair election . There is no way in hell that Obama won fair and square. Yahoo is not a conservative media bastion by any standards . If anything , there articles are definately leftist slanted but their comments are from every demographic known . Wake up people . Time to stock up on defense gear. The marxist takeover is coming. Live free or die America !

  2. Mary Says:

    Good read. I cannot understand these polls either. I agreed with what you said in the beginning about them.

    I can honestly tell you, there is not one person that I know or talk to throughout my day, that is going to vote for him, even the people that did, aren’t going to vote for him again. I think PA is going to go blue because of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Erie. The rest of the state is blood red……it happens every election.

    I did listen to Axelrod and all I heard was double speak……………just like the prez. I can tell you the party is running scared and after reading some of Clinton’s remarks about the prez lately, I think the prez will be losing his big plane and that large house he is living in. Also he might have to start and caddy for Frank on the golf course. LOL

  3. Frank C Says:

    Great post Chas. Didn’t Axelgrease also blame Bush.and deflect the discussion on budget to “But Romney’s”?

    • chas Says:

      Listening to Ax is like listening to a radio with no speaker. It’s the Charlie Brown teacher…blah, blah, blah…

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