Lame Duck?


Seems that the much maligned President Bush is not so unpopular nor is he so much a lame duck as the press would have you believe.

A couple of phone calls and the so-called, much hated and weakly supported President gets 80 world leaders to jump on a plane and come running to the US to talk about the economy.  I will give P-E Obama credit in staying home and not making a scene while this conference is going on.  This is a very smart move on his part.

There is only one President at a time and it is still Bush.  This does make my question why he stayed in Chicago when his “beloved” Grandmother was laid to rest, however.  This makes his rushing to her bedside during the campaign a bit of a political move, at a time when the polls were closing.  If he could spare the time then to visit her, why can’t he spare the time now to bury her and pay his respects?  It sure does make it seem like once the political advantage was gone, so was his concern.  But I don’t believe that is the case, I only say that is how it appears.

But I digress.

President Bush is going to have to control the urge that the Socialist Euroweenies are experiencing to even further subject the market to Government intervention.  Oversight is one thing but all you need do is look at the growth rate of most of Europe and it is clear that .9% GDP growth rate sure isn’t the answer.  Clue people, you are over taxed and over regulated.  You can’t prosper in a good economy, more taxes and regulation isn’t going to dig you out of this mess.

Please Mr. President take note of this,  Congress, who has done about nothing, zero, zilch in the last 2 years is now in a rush to push through another bailout for the big 3 Auto Companies before you leave office.  Please tell me you are smart enough to understand it is so that if it doesn’t work, Obama can spend the next 4 years while he runs for re-election blaming you that things didn’t get better.

He couldn’t beat McCain, so he ran against you, in 4 years he will run against you again because he believes he can beat you twice.  And it won’t even matter who the GOP runs against him.  Because the press will still repeat what the Dems say.  Won’t matter that they control the House and Senate and the White House, the problem will be you sign the bailouts.

I find it rather ironic that the Party that started the problem, ignored the problem, gained the most from the problem.  And even with a lower approval rating lower than the President, escapes the blame and scorn from the voters.

If you wonder why the election wasn’t more focused on the “issues”, now you know why.  They started the problem, (though the GOP also ignored the problem), and Obama had nothing to offer in policy or experience so it naturally turned to character, which Dems tend to ignore.

Facts are, no matter how it is spun, Bush did a great job after 9-11 until about a year ago.  Funny that the year before that the Dems took over.  Weelll, here it is, the change you voted for and he isn’t even in office yet.

I suspect that 2 years from now many people are going to wish that the change had never come.


“Rebellion to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

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