11 Years Later

September 11, 2012 by

Of all the important events that have occurred in the short history of our Country, this is an event that should remained burned deeply in our mind.

I have no words and will allow these few photograph’s to do the talking for me.  The crime here is that these pictures are not shown on the front page of every newspaper, on every magazine, on every news program at least once a week to remind some people what that day was like.

For a few short days, we truly were all Americans, joined together in outrage and pride in Country.

Dedicated to all those who lost loved ones in this horrific event.  And to those men and women who continue to face the trials of war to ensure our freedom and hunt down those who destroy that life we have built.  My the Kiss of God touch your faces and know you are in the prayers of most Americans and our hearts and soul go out to each and everyone of you.

with respects,


“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


By The Numbers

September 2, 2012 by

Seems to me that there is something seriously wrong with either the approval ratings the President has, or the people who are taking the polls or the people who are answering the question.  In the interest of being fair, I am going to round-up the Presidents number, just so it brings into a more realistic view.

The President at present, according to Real Clear Politics, has an approval rating of 48%.  Let’s look at the other numbers that should affect that rating.

When the President took Office the unemployment rate was 7.8%.  Granted that it reached 10%, but after a Trillion dollars spent, is 8.3% today.  One can’t argue that it would be worse if that Trillion hadn’t been spent it would be even worse, (though backers are saying that), because that is trying to prove a negative.  You can’t, you can only prove facts and the facts are that over 23 million people are not working or are under employed.  You can claim that you created over 4 million jobs, but facts are that there are hundreds of thousands fewer jobs available and that is another reason that the unemployment rate is only at 8.3%.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%.

Income is down since this President has taken office.  In Jan ’09 median income was $54,000 and today it is $50,000.  The real reason for this of course is the obvious result of having, in real numbers, 15% of the population needing work and business having to be able to offer less and people willing to take less in order to bring something in to keep some standard of living.  This doesn’t make business evil, it just shows that business is out to make money and that is the reason they are in business.  When unemployment was under 5%, back in the Bush days, even McD’s was paying $10 an hour to get people to take a job there.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%

Gas is now, as of this writing, $3.78 on National average.  (On a side note when gas went over $2.50 the media went wild when Bush was President.  Today nary a word).  When the President took Office gas was $1.84 a gallon.  It cost me $30 to fill my tank and that lasted my about 10 days of going back and forth to work.  The other day it cost me $57 for a commute that hasn’t changed.  Think that might affect my ability to contribute to the economy?

But the President’s approval rating is 48%

The debt was $10.6 Trillion when the President took Office.  While the DNC Convention is in session the National debt will pass the $17 Trillion mark.  I’d bet that nary a mention will e made about that.  The President can make all the claims he wants about how much was already in the budget before he took office, but reality is that you can’t have complete control of both Houses of Congress for two years and the White House and place all the blame on the other party.

But the President’s approval rating is 48%


For reason’s that escape me, I forced myself to listen to David Axelgrease today on Fox News Sunday.  I’ve tried to capture his quotes as closely as I could, and in cases I missed, the intent is there.  So let me lay out his quotes and give a quick answer, (Lord I wish I could sit down with him on camera one on one).

David:  “We don’t have the problems the other party has, we’re not divided”.

Me:  Uh, pardon me sir for parting this out, but your President has had 2 budgets go though the Senate without a SINGLE vote in approval.

David:  “We are a united Party”.

Me:  I guess that would explain why you had to cornhole the American people with Obamacare in the dead of the night and can’t get a budget through the Senate?

When asked about if we are better off now than we were 4 years ago;

David:  “We are in a better position than we were 4 years ago“.

Me:  Really?  Did you read the numbers above?  Or do you just ignore that?  Please hold a town hall meeting and tell that to 23 million people.  Hey guys, you are in a better position than you were 4 years ago when you actually HAD a job.  Good luck with that.

When asked about the Convention and what will be presented:

David:  “We will hear about a clear agenda for the future”.  AND “All the analyst say we need a short-term plan and a long-term plan”.

Me:  Considering it hasn’t been obvious that there has been a plan for the last 4 years why should we believe that he has one now?  Or if the President has claimed in the last month is true that his “plan is working”, you have to wonder what the plan was, given the numbers above.

David:  “Clearly, you should go for the person with a plausible plan“.

Me:  Given what’s happened over the last 4 years not a bad idea.  But of course that means we have to not vote for the present President.

Lastly; David:  “We agree with Simpson/Bowles“.

Me:  Well that surely explains why the President ran from it as fast as he runs from Tax Cuts and slowing spending increases.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

Spin, Spun and Done

August 16, 2012 by

I just hate all the nonsense floating around passing as “evidence” to vote for one guy or another.  The problems this Country face isn’t going to be solved by a single person, even the “President”.  That is not where the power is, nor should it be.

The real problems we face is allowing politicians to make policy that are not in any real sense permitted by the Constitution, regardless of what the SCOTUS says or rules.

Here, let me end this whole healthcare debate right here and now.  While the Federal Government does have certain powers under the Constitution to Tax and control commerce, it is utmost foolishness to think that allows the Federal Government to expand that power into circumstances that are not explicitly granted by the Constitution.

In short, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that allows the Federal Government to have a hand in Health Care.  None,Nada, Zilch to do with it.  You can’t cold turkey it out of being, but you can start to wind it down.  I know it sounds cold, but it’s not, it is not the Government’s job to provide health insurance and the attempt to abide by popular ideology of low taxes and small Government simply does not meld with the socialist programs.

The very same thing can be said for Social Security.  Like Obamacare it was presented to the people as one thing and argued in Court as something else.   The one thing Social Security and Obamacare have in common is that the Court allowed the Government to pass it off as a general taxing power even though there is nothing in the Constitution that gives these types of powers to the Government.

There is a fix to that of course, and that is put forth a Constitutional Amendment granting the Federal Government the power to run a Retirement Program and fund it through increased taxes to keep it afloat.  That also applies to Obamacare.  Send out a Constitutional Amendment to grant the Federal Government the power to provide the population with health coverage and tax the people for the use of that system.  Make both a Right under the Bill of Rights In the Constitution.

If the people and the States agree that this is something they want, then no problem, there is no argument left for political use.  All that is left is the argument of the cost, (which would be enormous).


“The problem with voting for the lesser of two evils is, in the end you are still voting for evil”



Lies, Politics and Even More Lies

August 5, 2012 by

Talk about redundant.  Using lies, politics and more lies in the title, I could have just said more lies.  I like longer titles so I didn’t.  😉

Often in politics telling a lie is simply blow off as stating a different point of view.  Or as a different interpretation of numbers or facts.  It’s simply a lie and for some stupid reason we allow politicians to do this and openly lie to us with little thought as to why.

Let’s look at a couple that have hit the air waves of recent that the Democrats have aired that sort of burn my shorts so to speak.

My economic plan is working” so says President Obama.  Although it was reported that 168,000 new jobs were created last week, (every week a number is given and it always gets revised to a lower number the following week, it just isn’t reported), there were 155,000 people who left the search for a job or whose benefits ran out.  Unemployment went up to 8.3%, (The White House claims it is really 8.254% but when you average you have to take the good with the bad).  So this is either a blatant lie or we are in real trouble if the President thinks this is what passes for working.

I mean for God’s sake we’ve dropped another $5 Trillion deeper in debt and are no better off than we were.  Please spare me the “it would have been much worse” garbage.  That’s about as provable as the so-called Clinton Surplus.  But we’ll talk more about that shortly.

Mitt Romney hasn’t paid any taxes in 10 years” so claims Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, without a shred of proof I might add.  That he is protected making this unsupported statement in the well of the Senate without concern of slander charges filed against him shouldn’t prevent the Senate from taking actions him.  Reid should be forced to present evidence for his charges or be forced out of his leadership position.  Of course having no class or honor the Senate will do nothing to him.

If I were Romney I would respond by saying “I am willing to release all the tax returns the IRS requires me to keep for record”.  That is 3 years BTW, and will release them as soon as the President releases his College applications and his College Transcripts.

You didn’t build that” so says the President.  According to the President you couldn’t have been successful without the Federal Highway system and bridges  and the like.  One wonders how anyone was successful prior to Eisenhower.  But the fact is that people did get rich before that and the highway system had nothing to do with it.  Oh, BTW Mr President, guess who pays the most money into the suck tax system to build those roads?  That’s right the businesses you are claiming to have helped build.

Point of fact, the only businesses I’ve seen you and your Administration have a hand in “helping” have been failures.  GM isn’t ever going to pay us back, Your green projects have gone under and that money is also lost.  I have a thought, please stop “helping” and let them work it out for themselves.

The rich keep getting richer” we all hear this all the time.  According to the CBO shows that between 2007 and 2009 the vilified top 1% income fell by 36%.  Those nasty 1%er’s while certainly didn’t suffer, but they certainly didn’t get richer.  The CBO used IRS statistics on the individuals instead of a big picture view and as such is a much more accurate view.

Then there is the “poor“.  Most of the “poor” in this Country have a better standard of living than a majority of people living in just about any other Country.  We give far too much to far too many from far too few.  Somehow that is considered “FAIR” .  It isn’t.  The Founders would have called it theft.

One last thing.  Almost every Sunday at 5 PM EST I find myself listening to blog talk radio http://www.teriobrien.com.  You can also listen to Teri on stitcher radio on your phone.  Download the app here:  http://stitcher.com/index.php

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

History IS Important

July 13, 2012 by

Seems to me there is a bit of dishonesty going on here with the President and his continued call of class warfare and more taxing of the rich.  He compares himself to former President Bill Clinton saying that this would ONLY be a return to the same tax rate, that under his leadership was a great decade of prosperity.

First thing is that the economy was in pretty good shape when Clinton took over.  Although Bush the elder lost the election on the fact that the economy that had some of the most massive gains in history under President Reagan, had a correction and lost a bit of ground.  This correction was over before Clinton took office.  The second point one should remember is that the tax increase took place in 1993.  It was so well received that the GOP had the largest take over or gain in the House in history.  From that point on, the Contract with America started and though the President gets most of the credit, the only credit he should actually get is signing the bills that the House sends him.

So let’s remember that the GOP fell into the Democrats style of retaining power, lost their way, by trying to buy votes by giving “stuff” and were supported by the President, Bush the younger.  Since it seems that half the Country is now the victimized, entitled and depended class of America, instead of self-reliant individuals that the Founders thought we should be says a lot of where we have come to and how wrong our thinking has gone.

So in 2008 they got the boot and on President Obama’s coattails took control of all three Power positions in DC, just to lose it a mere 2 years later.  By The Way, that was caused in no small part by the less than 10 vote “Huge Majority” that passed Obamacare.  The “Do Nothing” Congress that this Administration often talks about is the Senate and Senate Leader harry Reid letting all bills passed by the House, by much larger margins than the Obamacare Bill passed, sit on his desk.

Make no mistake however, the mess we are in is and was caused by BOTH parties.  But the reason history is important is because if you don’t know things like this.  If you don’t know that FDR radically changed what the powers of the Federal Government is, you accept this garbage as the way government is supposed to work here.  It was never meant to be.  The most basic principle of this Country is individuals do best when unencumbered by Government.  Fifty percent of us do NOT work our arse off so you don’t have to.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

Another Visit to Fox Part 2

July 4, 2012 by

Day 2 started out just fine, they were ready for me this time around so it only took a minute or so to pick me up at the desk.  Once inside Studio E I was greeted by the floor manager Dave P. who oddly enough remembered me from 2 years ago.  Greetings were exchanged from Dave Briggs, Aly and Mike Jerrick during a break.  Here are some pictures of that day:

Huckabee after his segment.

I was able to meet with the Gov for a short time prior to his going on air.  I told him that my wife was a fan of his.  After the segment Ms Aly asked the Gov if he had the chance to meet her friend chas.  He responded that he had and found me to be a great guy mostly because I was smart enough to marry a woman who thought so highly of him.  😉

Following the social media.
Setting up yet another food segment for Dave.
Of course we also have to grill.
Garlic shrimp for breakfast.

Dave has some kind of stomach.  For breakfast that morning he had Pizza, garlic shrimp, cold fried chicken, a salad and some meat off the grill.

I bought Ms Aly her favorite breakfast, chocolate.

It was also a great time meeting Mike Jerrick, in fact I enjoyed it so much I forgot to take any pictures with him or of him.  We had planned to have a couple of beers together, however a friend’s son was in a car wreck and got banged up pretty good so he had to run off and visit.  I’m glad that all worked out for the young man.  Between Twitter and talking in person I find Mike to be a great guy and hope that some time in the future, perhaps in Philly we could get together.

Dave of course always makes you feel welcome.  In fact during the concert Dave and Aly were walking out from behind the stage area and he spotted me we exchanged nods and he told Aly I was there.  With a plate full of cookies in hand she came bouncing around the monitor and welcomed me.  And as I said Dave always is there with a smile and a firm handshake.  Always a pleasure to meet with Dave.

Aly doesn’t get off the couch as much as she use to.  We did get to talk a bit in-between segments.  She asked about the old blog people and how they were doing.  She also asked about some of our shared Twitter friends.  I passed on some greetings from people who had asked me to do so.  I am often surprised at just how much Aly remembers.  She asked about my trip to Phoenix, asked about my trip there and what I did while in NYC.

She remembered all that while she was in the process of moving herself to the burbs.  She topped off the entire even with an e-mail saying that it was wonderful to see me again.

So in closing let me say that once again the crew and host of Fox & Friends made just a simple guy from MD visiting feel like a special guest.  Mr Peter Johnson, JR was amazing and so gracious, talking about how much he enjoyed seeing my tweets.  After the meeting we’ve increased our tweets to each other.  If you read this Mr Johnson, I was honored to meet you.

Mr. Mike Jerrick was also great in our meeting.  I found Mike outside the side door of the Greenroom area reading his iPhone.  I walked up to him and said “Mike?”.  Oddly enough Mike looked up in just a second knew just who I was.  I found that rather amazing.  So I  thank you Mike and if you read this, your kindness will not be forgotten and I hope we will get that beer together one day if not in NYC perhaps on my next Philly trip.

Happy Birthday America!!!!  Remember we fought for independence to fight unfair and high taxes and now comes Obamacare.  Enjoy your day of Freedom and fight to continue to maintain it.


Another Visit to Fox Part 1

July 4, 2012 by

I was once again allowed to visit the Fox News Network to watch the Summer Concert the weekend of the 29th and 30th of June.  Thanks to my good friend AJ Hall who made the visit not only enjoyable visit but an exciting one.    Pat Benatar was the featured artist.  Now by the time she was rocking the scene I was listening more and more to Country music, but mostly working on my own music so I didn’t listen to much of anything that was going on.

We had a shaky start when a thunderstorm rolled in.  As busy as AJ was he grabbed me and moved me to the entrance and got me signed in so I could wait out the storm.  I have to give the man credit, he has a mass of responsibility and the rain wasn’t helping in the least.  In steps Ms Gina, who became my guide to make sure there wasn’t anything I was lacking.  Thank you Ms Gina!

Since pictures speak louder than words, here are some from the event.

The crowd begins to grow.

Dave Briggs rocking it

Janice Dean multi-tasking, rocking and texting.

Old friend, (Janice Dean) and a new one, (Peter Johnson Jr.).

Of course while there you get up close to different people:


Peter insisted that his daughter take 2 pictures of us, one for him and one for me. A wonderful conversation was had. I was most impressed.

Then there is my favorite picture of the day, which took place after the concert back inside of the studio.  I managed to catch up to Ms Gretchen in the hallway and she stopped what she was doing to take the time to talk to me.  Then she said we had to get a picture and began trying to find someone to use my camera to take this picture:

Ms. Gretchen & chas

Let’s not leave out Mr Steve Doocy, who upon seeing me for the first time, with a huge smile, stuck out his hand and said; “I know you!!”  “You’re chas, so good to meet you finally”.  His time was also short, my ability to get over his knowing who I was left my camera hanging from my neck, unused.  At the end of the concert Steve was holding the door, we shook hands again and he talked about how good it was to have me come up from MD to visit and hoped I had an enjoyable time there.  So I ended up, mouth agape, my camera unused around my neck.  Sorry Steve, I would have really liked to have a picture of us together.

See Part 2


On The Road

June 28, 2012 by

I can’t write now on the Supreme misreading of the Constitution by SCOTUS for 2 reasons;  1.  I am on the road, (train actually), to visit with my friends at Fox News in NYC.  2.  I’m too damn pissed off of this BULLSHIT ruling by the Court.

I will try to write while on the train, but I will say this much, I have to accept this ruling, but I damn sure am never going to like it.  It just may be time to “water the roots of Liberty” as Jefferson put it.  What this ruling says is that the Constitution no longer has a limiting role against the power of Government so long as it can put the word commerce in the law as they ram it down out collective throats.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

Who Needs a Constitution?

June 15, 2012 by

It would seem that at least one person, a former so-called Constitutional lawyer, deems the Constitutional unnecessary.  That would be the President of the United States.

In a move that undermines EVERYTHING this Country was founded and operates on is now in the trash heap thanks to the new lack of enforcement announcement of the Administration today concerning illegals in this Country.  In a move that no one with half a brain can call anything but a political move has declared that if you are here illegally, brought here illegally by your parents, haven’t been caught violating  the law, (which by being here they already are violating the law), and attended High School, (which violates another set of laws by stealing public funds to get educated), get to apply for a work visa.  The visa can be re-applied for as many times as desired and is good for 2 years.

Democratic Sen. Charles E. Schumer, chairman of the Immigration, Refugees and Border Security Judiciary subcommittee, said the president  accomplished “in one fell swoop” what far too few Republicans were brave enough to even discuss.  Sorry Charlie, what Obama has done is create another wrong.   Just to be correct, you should have said “in one FOUL swoop” all things considered.  Two wrongs never make a right.  There is nothing in law that I am aware of that allows for an illegal action to conclude in a legal result.

Many have called for the impeachment of the President over the last few years and I have disagreed with those cries.  Today I now agree, this action violates his Oath to uphold the Constitution by defending the rule of law, by by-passing Congress and ignoring the responsibility of Congress to pass laws by ordering law enforcement to allow, NO, condone people illegally here in this Country to remain and giving them legal status by granting them visa’s.

The claim that this is not a path to citizenship is bullchit.  It is another step towards it.  Just as Rangle said Obamacare is the first step towards a single-payer Healthcare, so this is just another step towards rewarding illegal behavior and attempting to purchase the votes of a minority to win elections.  I’m sorry, I don’t have empathy that it isn’t their fault, their parents brought them here, yadda yadda, yadda.  Sorry illegal is illegal all should be sent home as they are caught.

Some 15% of the American people, (the legal ones), are out of work, are working part-time when they want full-time or just have given up.  Where is the President’s  head?  I know, getting reelected is where it is.

EVERY American should be just about sick and tired of having this Presidents agenda and will being shoved down their throat by hook or by crook.  I haven’t seen this much disregard for the Constitution by a President since Lincoln and FDR.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”

On The Other Hand

June 10, 2012 by

Some things in politics just make me smile and laugh.  Take former President Clinton and Mayor Booker who both said something that the Administration disliked, (mostly because it was true and was off message from the lies they are trying to sell), and within hours ran away from their statements.  I didn’t say walked back, they ran from them.  Perhaps it’s just me, but if the Administration is that concerned about things like this, maybe they should not have outsiders talking for them.

By far the funniest was President Clinton’s.  After saying that President Obama should allow the so-called Bush Tax Cuts to be extended for another year.  His walk back, oh, I’m sorry I thought that something needed to be done this year.  We can wait until after the election and do it next year and do it Obama’s way.  it almost hurts just thinking just how stupid that explanation is.

First, every day we don’t pay down the debt it cost millions upon millions of dollars.  Second waiting to solve the problem really can’t wait, not for just that one reason but because evidence shows that when “we” kick the can down the road, we don’t do anything to solve the problem.  Of course increasing taxes on anyone will only further impede what little recovery we have.  In fact that plan will do nothing to fix the debt and in all likelihood cause an increase of the debt.

Poor Mayor Booker, once a rising star in his party is now “dead” to the Administration.  He will remain a spokesperson for the Administration in a blind adherence to party loyalty, but it will gain him nothing.  Perhaps it will not hurt him in his home state of NJ, his is very popular and even gets along with Gov. Christie, but he is not getting a seat at Obama’s table if there is another term.

Must be horrible to be part of a party that is run by a guy who is so thin-skinned that you aren’t allowed to have a difference of opinion with him.  I have to say that if I were an ex-President, I would have told the current President to pound sand.

But you have to wonder who makes the President walk back?  This is from the other day; Obama said Friday morning that the private sector is “doing fine” and that the GOP Congress is slowing down the economy.  Followed quickly with this retraction; it is “absolutely clear” that the U.S. economy is “not doing fine.”


Obama is like an Italian with his thumbs tied together.  If an Italian can’t talk with his hands flailing about he stutters.  Take away Obama’s teleprompter and he sounds dumber than Bush ever did.




To top it all off who gets the blame?  Well at first it was the GOP controlled House, when in fact the House has sent some 30 bills to the Senate to attempt to jump-start the economy and help create jobs.  They remain sitting on Harry Reid’s desk collecting dust.  Then the President blamed State and Local governments for not hiring more public workers.  Check please!!!  Isn’t part of the problem with State’s budgets and economies having to pay outrageous retirement packages?  So the answer to saving us all is put each State in an even more unsustainable position?

Talk about someone who is in over his head.  Someone that is so overmatched by the demands of his job he can’t even keep his own agenda straight.  It staggers the mind to think the President has an approval rating in positive numbers.

I hear pundits say it’s because he is personally liked.  I don’t get that, I don’t find him at all likable as I did say Reagan, Clinton or W Bush.  It’s not his policies alone, he just comes across to me as a pompous arse.  Someone that has less work experience than I do, yet feels qualified to tell me how to live my life and do my job.

You can’t say this emperor has no clothes, it’s more like the clothes have no emperor.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”