The Sound Of Freedom


Lucky me, who gets to work for my Country, serving in the Department of Defense.  One of the little extra’s came along today with the Air Show coming to my Base.  I was able to come home and get back on base with the Mrs. and watch the best part of the show, The Blue Angles.

fat albert

This is Fat Albert. Don’t go all PC on me, I didn’t name it…lol Fat Albert is a C-130. Seen here is just after wheels up and he manages to go vertical before he clears the runway. Talk about engine power.

fat albert 2

And here he is on a fly by. Albert is the Marines part of the show. You simply wouldn’t believe how low to the ground this bird gets.

blue angles 5

Some pictures just don’t need words. Think they can shake hands?

blue angles 7

This is all happening behind the building I work in. I’m not even in the bleachers.

blue angles 2

I think I will just say nothing and let you enjoy.

blue angles 8

blues angles 1

blue angles 4

blue angles 11

If you ever get the chance to watch these guys fly and strut their stuff, it is ballet in the air. It is well worth the time and money, for you will never be so impressed as you will with this show.

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you Lord for the brave individuals that this day is meant to honor. For without them, we would have nothing.



6 Responses to “The Sound Of Freedom”

  1. Salvatore Says:

    Awesome pictures Chas.
    Yes, the wife does great work.


  2. Me Says:

    Fantastic!!!! you had the best seats!

    I agree with Eileen LOL I love picture books too LOL LOL
    Glad you liked them Eileen.


  3. βɛʈʈɥ Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting and watching the Thunderbirds in Daytona Beach during Embry Riddle’s parent weekend. The Thunderbirds were staying at the same hotel as Samantha & me and I asked them for a ride when we saw them in the lobby, they were already drinking beer. (after hours) They said ‘sure, after a few more beers.”

    I bought a Thunderbird t-shirt at the air show at Embry & most of the pilots signed it, still have it ~

    Fantastic pilots though, both the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels.
    My tummy turns in many of the moves they do, and I don’t even fly….lol


  4. Frank C Says:

    WOW…great pics chas.
    All I had to do is get Eileen to the show.


  5. Gini Says:

    I have more than once Chas, being a military brat, and it is just AWESOME to the MAX. Wow! lol Gini

    nice pictures aren’t they? Taken from a small digital camera.


  6. Eileen Says:

    I nominate this as your very best blog. Hope others see it and enjoy these wonderful young men.
    But that’s because you hate politics honey….lol


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