“Forward” Thinking Towards Failure.


Liberals, Progressives and Socialist all seem to have the same problem.  Actually they have a number of them but one special problem is they all wrongly believe that the Right is regressive by nature.  The problem with this kind of thinking is it is wrong on so many levels.  The real oppressors, the regressive thinkers ARE the Liberals, Progressives and Socialist.

Every program these people put forth, be it Social Security or Medicare/Medicade or any other of the numerous social programs  enacted imprison the paycheck of every tax paying American.  The cost of keeping these programs hamper the individuals, the working individuals ability to advance their life and their freedom from the control of the Federal Government.

Article on Salon start’s with the claim how they alone are the ones who are tolerant and pushing forward on equality and equal opportunity. Yet every single one of their policies steal property from the private individual and directly discriminates against one group of people or another.

Also the claim that such people on the Right would like to return to the 1920’s.  Truth is ANY good Conservative should be looking to return further back than that, like to the actual meaning of the ideals of the Constitution.  That is not regressive, it is the reality of what the Founders determined the direction of this Republic should be.  Anything else is a design to destroy the very fabric on which this Republic was built.

On his “Tax payer funded It’s not a campaign tour”, President Obama made this statement; ” One of those ideas is believing America is “a place where every child, no matter what they look like, where they come from, should have a chance to succeed.”  So in his mind crippling National Debt, high taxes and a staggering number of EPA Regulations to hamper business is the way to accomplish recovery and since the GOP has a different opinion, they, in his mind, are against equality and such.

If that isn’t campaign mode Obama I don’t know what is.  We want a refund of our tax dollars.

Still trying to portray Obama as a great President Salon goes on and list a number of the great successes of the President. Problem is none of those work or have had the backing of the American people. Healthcare is the most obvious, never having majority support and having to be shoved through Congress under “special” procedures under the table dealings.

Fact is that this $1T spent by this Administration has done nothing to help no matter how much you try and sugar coat it.  Fact is we were better off spending wise under Bush because in 2007 we were only spending $161B over revenue.  It’s unconscionable to continue down this road by trying to again spend our way out of this problem.

An idea is being floated about that Obamacare could be over-turned by using budget-reconciliation process.  Democrats of course say that this isn’t the proper use of the tactic, it is for budget items.  Guess what, that is how the bill was pretty much passed in the first place.  So logic would dictate that if you can pass the bill with the budget-reconciliation process it would stand to reason you could over-turn the Law with the same procedure.  Determining otherwise is moronic at best.

Do you need proof that Herman Cain has arrived on the Left’s radar?  Then you should read the Times piece and the many slams against Mr Cain.  Even Clarence Page fellow Afro-American is tossing racial slams against Mr Cain.

While the left is very happy wasting our money on loony ideas and social change, thy don’t waste time on those on the right they don’t have a concern about.  Just food for thought.

“Tyranny elected is tyranny none the less”


2 Responses to ““Forward” Thinking Towards Failure.”

  1. Gini Says:

    Enjoyed Chas, as usual…will not add to Carolyn’s comment, as that abt covers ‘it all’. 🙂 🙂

  2. carolynro Says:

    Hi Chas. How are you? Aside from being asute, as usual, I mean. The simplistic portrayal of the Right as a group that wants to make the air and water dirtier, wants to hurt poor people and minorities, the progressives have no idea how tiresome their often used stated goal of making life more “fair”. Using nebulous and hot button words without a definition is the mother’s milk of the liberal/progressive/ socialist/ OWS crowd. It takes no brains, no creativity and requires no plan other than to get simpletons on board with class warfare. But, hark! A USA poll taken in the last couple of days indicates that 64% of Americans see through the presidents language of war against conservatives and squarely place the blame for the misery on Washington, DC and not totally on Wall Street. And there is no doubt that main stream Americans also see the abuse of the Useful Idiots parading around Wall Street in search of a cogent message and have really only obtained free food from the left wing puppet masters like Soros and the union bosses. The crowds are grossly exagerated in numbers. When the famously tolerant New Yorkers hear about the need to raise their taxes to monitor the mob, they will begin to lose that famous patience..and when the cold rains begin to fall, and the mobs Ipods and laptops begin to malfunction in lower temperatures, even the most ardent protestors will not be soothed with gourmet meals fed to them by sympathizers. The media is desparate for a way to prop up Obama and will, I predict, be unable to overcome the sentiment of the folks who are sick of the games, the lies and most of all our self important president. The jokers in congress are content to move the deck chairs around the sinking ship and are happy to believe that the mobs all over the country are diverting attention from their leaderless activity.

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